1. The content of the audio is strictly under copyright and any user who tends to violate copyright carries the risk of legal action against him which may cause heavy fines and terms of jail suggested by law.
2. User shall not re-record the audio content using any of technology and redistribute.
3. Auiobooks should not be playd in public gatherings and funtions without prior written permissions.
4. Auido should not be streamed and stored into any electronic or broadcasting media.
5. User shall permit to access the details of the device so that the books are locked to the device ande hence reduce the risk of piracy.
6. User shall not record it and forward it through any of the social media platforms or email.

The audio books presented in the Aalisiri app are the exclusive and copyrighted contents developed by Aalisiri media private limited. Reproducing it and publishing it or playing it in public domain without prior written permission is liable for risk of legal proceedings against the offender.

By Notice, -Aalisiri Media pvt ltd.